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How Modern Fabricators Contribute to The Design Process
Fabrication within the design process should not be viewed as one-dimensional, or that fabricators are simply the executors of a predetermined design. Fabricators should instead be viewed as key contributors within the design process to assist the architect with their design intent. The design process should be a complimentary exercise between the architect and the fabricator. Fabricators must understand design and have the relevant internal resources to deliver the best design solution
CEI Materials Expands Coverage as Nationally Recognized Fabricator
Many fabricators called themselves "national" or "national in focus," but few understand what it means to be national in coverage. It is more than completing a series of projects outside your company's immediate area of dominance. Instead, it is more a matter of consistently completing projects countrywide.
Architects Redefine Luxury Living With Contemporary Apartment complex In Troy, Michigan
The Zen Apartment complex in Troy, Michigan, features 380 apartments, a 2,000-square-foot penthouse, and a 3,000-square-foot clubhouse. The state-of-the-art complex was designed by Krieger Klatt Architects of Royal Oak, MI.
Committing To Culture And The Work-Life Balance: A Q&A With The Founders of CEI Materials
According to Teuila Hanson, Chief People Officer with LinkedIn, "Company culture is swiftly evolving, and to keep up organizations must innovate and think progressively. We have this singular opportunity to create culture and circumstances that will allow each employee to do their best work and lead their best life."
Innovative Single Skin Modular Panel System Fills Gap In AEC Product Segment
The first to market is not always the best product solution in any category. The AEC segment is no different. Product uniqueness is somewhat short-term in nature and requires constant review and monitoring.

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