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The Importance Of Design And Color Palette For Corporate Brand Recognition
Corporate Programs are represented on a national or regional scale. These brands in the retail, hospitality, food service and automotive markets serve as the most recognizable brands in the nation. A brand’s identity is showcased through their consistent brand image from their signature color scheme to their building/brick and mortar design. The key to any successful corporate brand is consistency.
Repositioned Office Space Becomes Contemporary Apartment Complex In Washington DC
The Legacy West End Apartments at 1255 22nd Street are a large adaptive reuse project in Washington, DC. Developed by Tasea Investment Company, the project consisted of the conversion and repositioning of an existing 106,000 square foot office building.
Architects Design Stunning Modern Office Complex Just South Of Ann Arbor
In Pittsfield Township, Michigan, just South of Ann Arbor, sits the recently completed Park Place 5 commercial complex. The development, by Promanas Group, utilized an underdeveloped lot and transformed it into “modern, flexible and functional space for professional and medical offices,” the architects at O|X Studio describe.
Stunning Education Facility Designed By Architects Features Multi-Functional Building Design
Lincoln Public Schools and Lincoln Family YMCA partnered to commission the construction of a new $43 million, 243,000 square foot facility. The new facility would not only house the Marilyn Moore Middle School but the Copple Family YMCA as well.
CEI Materials Aids Architects In Successful Adaptive Reuse Projects
The first American adaptive reuse project was in California in the mid 1960s. The idea of adaptive reuse came about as a means of land conservation and to address the rapid occurrence of urban sprawl. The ability to reuse a site, to adapt or renovate an often societal or historically significant building, can in some cases produce mixed responses. The controversial nature of this segment is specifically related to the idea of historic preservation. Yet, in its essence adaptive reuse is about conservation and more often than not architects produce successful examples of revitalization.

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