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Architecture In The Medical Market: Assumptions And Truths
All sorts of assumptions are made when we think of medical architecture; hospitals, urgent care units and medical office buildings. A natural assumption is that these buildings will be boring, clean and sterile. Historically these buildings are made of traditional materials, like brick, but over the years, there has been a movement towards metal accents and in some cases metal envelopment.
SHOP TALK: How Members of the Architectural Community Build Better Buildings
These days sustainability and architecture go hand-in-hand. Members of the architectural market segment are constantly developing new ways to build better buildings. Whether a building is used for education, medical or residential purposes, buildings have one thing in common, they provide essential spaces for human beings. There are an abundance of ways architects can design buildings to be sustainable utilizing ecologically friendly building products or innovative construction techniques.
CEI Materials Hires New National Sales Manager
CEI Materials, an industry leading multi-product cladding fabricator, has announced Chris Kimball as the new National Sales Manager. In this role, Kimball is responsible for sales and new business development for a growing national network of independent representatives.
Renowned Architect Builds Reflective Twisted Tower In The South Of France
Renowned, and often controversial, architect Frank Gehry is no stranger to extraordinary facades. Staking his claim on the architectural world, Gehry has recognizable designs around the globe, never afraid nor apologetic for his bold style. The Canadian-American, award-winning, architect has a new building set to open in 2020 that features an undulating design. The Luma Arles complex, sits in the south of France, with a façade clad in reflective aluminum tiles.
Modern Arizona Church Showcases Contemporary Design To Parish And Community
Religious or sacred architecture are some of the most cherished buildings in the world. The construction of places of worship has a long-standing history in humanity where each culture puts an enormous amount of resources into their creation. Meant to last a considerable amount of time, some of the earliest examples of religious architecture are still standing.

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