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Back Pans and Infill Panels
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Spandrel Back Pans & Infill Panels

Back Pans are substructure components used in curtain-wall systems either behind a metal panel or spandrel glass. Typically, they are used by Glass and Glazing trades and are sealed and attached to the curtainwall frame behind opaque glazing areas. They can provide insulation, fire safety, thermal and moisture protection.

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System Characteristics

Designed to minimize field installation time

20 (0.040”) & 22 (0.034”) gauge galvanized steel (other material if specified)

Variety of depths from 1" to 8”

Typically insulated with semi-rigid mineral wool, thickness depends on size and depth of pan

Insulation held in place with stick pins (±1 p/sqft)

All corners are tabbed, spot welded and sealed

Stiffeners can be integrated into panel design if specified


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