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Illinois College Undergoes Massive Renovation To Modernize The Campus
Harper College in Palatine, IL, is currently undergoing a massive renovation. The plan, which was established in 2008, would enable the campus to be improved and modernized over twelve years, with construction set to be completed by 2020. One such renovation was the college’s Building H, which houses the school’s Engineering and Technology Center. In order to build the modernized facility, two 1970s era buildings were renovated in a project funded by the State of Illinois.
Luxury DC Condominiums Blend Old And New Architectural Styles
As described in the Washington Post, “10Eleven condominiums meld modern, classical aesthetics.” The beautiful new condos sit in the Northwest Washington DC neighborhood the Shaw. Featuring 71 luxury residences, the building is found at the corner of 11th and M streets and replaced a former parking lot.
What Contributes To The Automotive Markets Consistent Brand Image
One of the most recognized components of the corporate identity market is automotive design. The designs of these auto moguls like Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Buick, Hyundai, and Ford, produce the most consistent and most recognizable brands in the world. Part of this consistency is produced by the utilization of signature colors and modular techniques.
Team Designs First Florida-Based Publix Grocery Store In Richmond, Virginia
Publix Super Markets Inc. opened its first Virginia location in Richmond in July 2017. The Florida-based grocery chain opened in Western Henrico County in the Nuckols Place shopping center. Publix spokesperson Kimberly Reynolds explains, “The opening of our first store in Virginia has been long anticipated by associates and customers alike and is a significant time in our company’s history.” The store opens with its basic grocery amenities and much more; offering a cooking school, catering, pharmacy and deli.
Modern School Renovation Provides Community With Sports Facility And Tornado Shelter
When first viewing the Webb City High School Dome addition, it’s easy to assume it is simply an impressive sports facility, but this addition is much more. In 2011 Joplin, Missouri was hit with the country’s deadliest tornado in nearly 70 years. The tornado’s winds reached 200 mph and resulted in 158 deaths and $2.8 billion in damages. The city was in desperate need of safety facilities and opted for a high school addition that serves as a quality gymnasium until it’s needed.

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