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SHOP TALK: The Emergence Of Mixed Use Developments In Urban Communities
Mixed use, as the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware describes, is “one of the ten principles of Smart Growth, a planning strategy that seeks to foster community design and development that serves the economy, community, public health and the environment.”
DC Mixed-Use Residential Development Mimics Naval Shipyard In Stunning Exterior Design
The Yards in Washington, DC is an adaptive reuse site on land that formerly belonged to the United States Navy. Used for shipbuilding and ordinance, its heritage played a pivotal role in its architecture adaption. Executive Architect, WDG, in association with Design Architect Handel Architects, designed the “industrial-inspired” mixed-use buildings.
Hyatt Brand Expands To Flourishing Mosaic District In Fairfax With Contemporary Hotel
The flourishing Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia is home to the Merrifield Hyatt House hotel. The eight story, 148 room hotel, is owned by LodgeWorks of Wichita, KS. The 110,000 square-foot hotel is LEED-certified and features metal and precast panels and large sections of vertical glazing. The Mosaic District is known for its upscale retail and restaurant options, making it the perfect location for Hyatt’s expansion.
Inventive Dimensions: Turkish Headquarters Wows With Crafted Metal Façade
What goes into producing an extraordinary façade? Outside of the architect’s vision, it takes an extensive team to take a three-dimensional design from conception to construction. The S20SB headquarters and conference hall is a wondrous example of iconic architecture. Façade metal fabricator, Kasso, was responsible for the building’s engineering and fabrication.
Holyoke Ford Dealership Boasts Contemporary Exterior Design With Numerous Metal Elements
The new Marcotte Ford dealership in Holyoke, MA embraces a new concept in automotive design featuring a fully functioning restaurant directly inside. Brian Marcotte, the second of three generations to run the business describes, “We did something crazy. We decided to build a dealership around a restaurant.”

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