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CL300 Dry Joint System
CL 300 Dry Joint Systems - CEI Materials - CL300

CL300 Dry Joint System

The CL300 Dry Joint has a clean finish and looks great with our R3000 or R4000 panel systems.

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System Characteristics

Rear ventilated Rainscreen

3 Piece Spline Joint

1/2" and 3/4" Reveals Available

Low Maintenance

Systems Tested To:

ASTM E 283

ASTM E 330

ASTM E 331

Florida Product Approval

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About CEI Column Covers

CEI Materials column cover systems are available in either MCM or Aluminum Plate.

Our column covers can be formed to virtually any shape and size and are available in a wide range of standard and custom colors. Our column covers can be round, square or cone shaped with either Hairline, Caulked or Dry Joints depending on the design requirement. We offer various diameters from as small as 11” and lengths up to 12’. We can also custom fabricate to suit your project’s needs. Column covers offer design flexibility when concealing an exposed structural member or adding character to a building façade.

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