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R3000 Series System
R3000 Pressurized Rainscreen Panel Systems | CEI Materials - r3000

R3000 Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System

CEI Materials’ R3000 Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System tested to remove the driving forces for water penetration, equalizes the air-pressure on the external and internal sides of this compartmentalized Panel System.

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System Characteristics

Pressure Equalized Rainscreen

Joint Width of 1/2 & 3/4"

Independent 4mm MCM Spline Joint

Low Maintenance

Lets the Wall Breathe

Available with MCM or Aluminum Plate

Systems Tested To:

ASTM E 283

ASTM E 330


AAMA 501.1

AAMA 508

Florida Product Approval

NFPA 285 Compliant

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