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CEI Materials Aids Architects In Mixed-Use Building In Bustling DC Wharf Development
The Wharf is a massive development in Washington, D.C. that will transform the Southwest Waterfront area into an urban epicenter. The 2.5 billion dollar redevelopment program features world-renowned architects and a plethora of mixed-use residential and retail spaces as well as a series of public use spaces such as a marina, entertainment venue and parks.
Company’s Metal Composite Redesign And Renovation Showcases Their Commitment To An Innovative Future
Maxitrol specializes in manufacturing precision gas control systems with a profound history dating back to 1930. Architect Ivan Cuthbert built the company’s over eight-acre Michigan-based headquarters in 1960. In 2012 the company invested nearly $3 million for a much needed renovation and expansion of their corporate campus led by the architects at Landry + Newman of Birmingham, MI.
LEED Certified Elementary School Showcases Modern Design In Downtown Charleston
Architects in South Carolina were tasked with the construction of an elementary school in downtown Charleston. Completed during the summer of 2013, the school was part of a program that replaced buildings with seismic deficiencies. The architects at LS3P describe the new school, “…the school replaces an outdated 1950’s era facility, with an architectural language which respects the historic content of the 1800’s school yard and the adjacent Memminger Auditorium.”
Stunning Condominiums Built On Last Developable Land In Desirable DC Neighborhood
1101 Rhode Island Ave (Holm) in Washington, DC, is one of the final developable parcels in the Logan Circle neighborhood. The mixed-use residential property was designed by architects Hickok Cole who describe the project as a “…mixed-use multi-family housing development emerging blocks away from the District’s booming 14th Street corridor.” The property will feature 32,000 square feet of residential units, nearly 3,000 square feet of available retail space and 6,000 square feet of parking, a must for a desirable DC development. The name Holm was given to the property with the marketing idea of discernible phrases such as “There’s no place like Holm.”
Massachusetts High School Undergoes Massive Redevelopment To Accommodate Growing Student Body
Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District underwent a massive renovation and new construction development in 2015. The architects at JCJ Architecture and Dietz & Company Architects collaborated on the district’s Feasibility Study and Schematic Design for the three affected schools. Two of the schools involved, which accommodate students K-6, underwent extensive renovation. The third school, the Southwick Regional School, underwent renovation and expansion to combine the middle school and serve students grades 7-12.

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