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Committing To Culture And The Work-Life Balance: A Q&A With The Founders of CEI Materials
According to Teuila Hanson, Chief People Officer with LinkedIn, "Company culture is swiftly evolving, and to keep up organizations must innovate and think progressively. We have this singular opportunity to create culture and circumstances that will allow each employee to do their best work and lead their best life."
Innovative Single Skin Modular Panel System Fills Gap In AEC Product Segment
The first to market is not always the best product solution in any category. The AEC segment is no different. Product uniqueness is somewhat short-term in nature and requires constant review and monitoring.
The Mixture of Classical and Modern Architectural Design In Massachusetts
Massachusetts has a rich architectural history. Areas like Boston were founded by Puritans, whose style quickly blended colonial styles with popular British styles like Georgian. Another style that seamlessly adapted from a preceding style is Federal architecture, distinguished by drastically symmetrical and classical details. Yet, like many places with rich architectural histories, Massachusetts architecture has evolved. This evolution meets the needs of the communities they serve with concepts of modernity and sustainability in mind.
How Modern Fabricators Contribute to the Ever-Evolving Architectural Process
As previously outlined, the processes developed and executed by the modern fabricator are both innovative and ever-changing. The critical area of fabrication is no different as it requires well-thought-out processes and continuous quality system monitoring to ensure success.
Celebrating National Women In Construction Week And The Women At CEI Materials
According to current research from The National Association of Women in Construction, women make up 47% of the total employed workforce in the US. Conversely, that number falls to 11% in the construction market overall and even lower for those involved in non-traditional roles such as production. It is projected that in 2022 we will see considerable growth in new construction industry jobs, and companies will be looking to recruit more women.

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