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How Fabricators Can Streamline The Shipping Process To Ensure Building Effectiveness
The fabrication of cladding materials for an architectural project can be a challenging component of the process but more challenging is the assurance the fabricated panels arrive on site in the most optimal way for installation. CEI Materials has created a crating system that ensures each panel makes it to the jobsite most advantageously for the on-site team by using a customized bar coding system.
Architects Design Stunning Welcome Center To Enhance College Campus With Inviting Exterior
In mid-September, the Alfred L. Arcidi Center at Merrimack College opened its doors at the momentous Evening of Gratitude. On the northern side of the campus, the 16,000 square-foot building serves as a Welcome Center. Housing the campus’ O’Brien Center for Career Development, the two-story building boasts an impressively modern exterior design. The architect, and project’s general contractor, PROCON was responsible for the campus’ north end gateway.
Award-Winning Historic Preservation Transforms Columbia Eyesore Into Modern Office Building
522 Lady Street sits in the heart of Columbia’s Vista where a 1930’s building sat unused and in desperate need of repair. Over the years, the building had seen a series of unsuccessful additions that were not structurally sound. In fact, the building had become an eyesore and the community was excited about the prospect of its re-adaptation for the neighborhood.
Automotive Dealership Is Truly Contemporary With An Array Of Solar-Powered Environmental Initiatives Throughout
Contemporary Automotive is a state-of-the-art dealership in Milford, NH, the building is progressive in its design as the architects worked closely with a team to complete the area’s first solar-powered auto dealership.
The Importance Of Design And Color Palette For Corporate Brand Recognition
Corporate Programs are represented on a national or regional scale. These brands in the retail, hospitality, food service and automotive markets serve as the most recognizable brands in the nation. A brand’s identity is showcased through their consistent brand image from their signature color scheme to their building/brick and mortar design. The key to any successful corporate brand is consistency.

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