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Architects Design Headquarters Extension With The Help Of CEI Fabricated Metal Systems
The company’s North American corporate campus was built in the 1950s and the 10-acre space was in need of updating. The company commissioned NK Architects to develop a master plan for the space that would showcase the company’s movement into the 21st century.
Stunning Potomac Ballroom Boasts Striking Exterior Design With The Help Of CEI Materials
The recently completed Riverview Ballroom is a contemporary addition to the renowned Gaylord National Harbor Hotel and Convention Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The $25 million extension opened this year as a free standing meeting space, utilized for private events.
CEI Materials Aids Designers In University of Michigan Renovation Using MCM and Insulated Panels
Schembechler Hall at the University of Michigan serves as an ode to the university’s rich football history. The building is the renovation of the former U of M football operations building and houses the new dedication museum for football enthusiasts devoted to the university’s legendary coach Bo Schembechler.
Architects Design Contemporary Police Station With CEI Materials Fabricated Panels
Historically municipality design takes few risks and sticks within a more traditional approach to its architectural design. These buildings often represent a community’s public use government spaces and remain unchanged for years. Occasionally, municipalities are designed with innovative technologies and modern building palettes, offering a community a distinguished beacon.
The Basic Raw Materials Involved With Metal Fabrication
The metal fabricators have a variety of metals forms with which they use in order to reduce the...

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