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The Importance Of Design And Color Palette For Corporate Brand Recognition

Corporate Programs are represented on a national or regional scale. These brands in the retail, hospitality, food service and automotive markets serve as the most recognizable brands in the nation. A brand’s identity is showcased through their consistent brand image from their signature color scheme to their building/brick and mortar design. The key to any successful corporate brand is consistency.

CEI Materials, CID, Shop Talk, Corporate Identity Blog PostCubeSmart Self Storage, Archcon Architecture, Schwob Building Co., Metal Composite Panels, MBCI Horizontal and Vertical Wall Panels, CEI Materials W5000 System

The CubeSmart storage facility has over 1,000 locations nationwide and features their signature red logo, which each location possesses. The brand also features a series of corrugated metal doors on the interior of their storage units, which has been implemented on the exterior of the newly constructed facilities. The buildings once utilized a blue exterior as well but the latest models have used more contemporary building materials such as dark hued metal composite material and various metal components showcasing the brand’s movement towards modernity.

Carmax, Charles J. O'Brien, Manhattan Construction Co., Metal Composite Panels, CEI Materials R4000 System

Another interesting retail brand is CarMax whose exterior design is meant to emulate the exteriors of the automotive industry. Therefore, the exterior of their facilities utilizes the same design as an automotive canopy system. The brand has a very consistent image with most of their national locations featuring the blue, white, and yellow color way as well as two protruding canopy systems.

CEI Materials, CID, Shop Talk, Corporate Identity Blog PostNational Coney Island, L&P Architecture, Advanced Roofing Inc., Metal Composite Panels, CEI Materials R4000 System

Food service is another competitive marketplace with some of the world’s most recognizable brands such as McDonald’s.  How brands compete in this marketplace is with consistency, consistency of product and consistency of brand image. National Coney Island has been around since the 1960s and operates in Southeastern Michigan. The All-American regional restaurant has a signature color way whose bright red exterior is immensely recognizable to locals.

CEI Materials, CID, Shop Talk, Corporate Identity Blog Post

Whether a corporate brand is nationally or regionally known, the key to success in any corporate market is consistency. Brand recognition is difficult to achieve but with a signature style and color scheme a brand is well on their way.

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