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CEI Materials Adds New Expansive HPL And In House INOVEZE Product Lines

With the trending evolution from monolithic building design to a more varied and geometric look, architects began seeking more versatile façade solutions. In response to the growing need for such materials, HPL was created.

HPL, INOVESE, CEI Materials, Brookhaven Shopping Center

High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) are a highly adaptable and durable decorative cladding material commonly used in Europe. Used on both the interior and exterior, the panels come in a wide variety of innovative colors including; solids, wood grains, stones, textures, and metallics.

Often these panels have more color versatility than other cladding options and can be used to create colorful mosaics. Typically, these products are utilized in a variety of thicknesses, creating a more dimensional and robust look.

For exteriors, the material has a plethora of applications from façade cladding, sunscreens, soffits, canopies and many more. Due to the panel’s composition, the material is extremely durable to environmental deterrents such as water and UV radiation. The material contains a pore-less, uniform surface, drastically reducing the need for cleaning as it can withstand dirt accumulation.

CEI Materials, HPL, E1000 Exposed Fastener Attachment Systems

For installation drained back ventilated rainscreen systems are commonly used. They can be installed in a horizontal or vertical application and come in both exposed and concealed fastener attachment systems.

Following architectural trends closely, CEI Materials discovered a movement towards HPL plank siding in both the residential and commercial markets. In order to meet this growing demand, CEI Materials created the new easy to install INOVEZE HPL Planking system. INOVEZE is designed for fast installation and comes in prefinished sizes with 20 standard color options.

CEI Materials, CPlank, INOVESE

INOVEZE rainscreen planking systems are an attractive, durable option for an exterior façade. They can be installed vertically or horizontally to achieve a cost-effective design solution. This innovative product line is offered in both concealed and exposed attachment systems.

Additionally, the product is available in a variety of sizes and shipped with the necessary attachment accessories for quick installation. These prefinished planks are easy to clean and come with a 10-year product guarantee for long-term exterior performance.

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