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What is Metal Cladding?

Blog originally published on November 18, 2016. Updated on June 30, 2022.

Cladding is a term given to an outer layer that is bonded to a core, or inner layer. Metal cladding is specifically used to describe a metal outer layer—cladding—that is bonded to a core metal material. The outer and inner metals are typically dissimilar.

The process of metal cladding is done within the industry of metallurgy. Metal cladding involves heating the various metals up to very high temperatures, pouring them into molds, and then allowing them to cool down. There are additional chemicals mixed with the metals in order to ensure an unbreakable chemical bond. Because of the specialized process and equipment needed to clad metal, it is almost solely done in specialized metallurgy plants by skilled tradesmen, or with dedicated robotic equipment.

Metal cladding is used extensively in manufacturing because of the potential for cost savings. For example, the U.S. Mint utilizes a metal cladding process to manufacture coins. Dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins are all clad. The core and cladding of these coins range from manganese brass, copper, alloy metals, nickel, and zinc, while the cladding on the outsides may be copper, nickel, or a mixture of metals called an "alloy." When certain metals are scarce or more costly to obtain, metal cladding makes it possible to use a much lower percentage of that metal by bonding it to a plentiful, less expensive metal.

In addition to coins, metal cladding can be seen in everyday items such as non-stick cookware, stainless steel cookware, locks, automobile parts, and other metal products or metal trim. But how can metal cladding be a game-changer for your next construction project? Let's find out!

Enhancing The Architectural Appeal of Your Building with Metal Panels

Metal cladding is also used in construction materials for many commercial and industrial buildings. In this case, the metal exterior may be bonded to a non-metal core. High performance metal cladding in construction is used for cost savings, but also to enhance the functionality of the façade. A metal-cladded roof or siding will protect against rain, while the core, possibly foam core, provides insulation properties. Metal panels are also available in a variety of colors to give your building a unique look and align with brand identity.

Stylish, durable, and efficient, a metal wall panel is a great fit for commercial construction. Plus, if changes or repairs are needed later on down the line, it's easy to configure and replace (unlike traditional roofing materials!)

Architectural metal panels have many of the same benefits as metal roofing systems, such as:

  • Easy installation
  • Heat and cold weather insulation
  • Fire resistant
  • Prevent rain and moisture accumulation
  • Protects against mold, erosion, and other common structural integrity breaches

That's right: when properly installed, metal wall panels can even help you lower those summer cooling bills!

Types of Metal Wall Panels

CEI Materials architectural cladding solutions include:

Contact CEI Materials for Architectural Metal Wall Panels

If you're looking for metal cladding fabrication services or commercial construction services, contact CEI Materials today. Since 2008, we've been a trusted metal cladding fabricator throughout the United States. As standout specialists in retail, commercial, and corporate identity solutions and building exteriors, we’ve completed over 1,000 projects with sleek, durable systems and surfaces.

We are your full-service fabricator for architectural wall panels, delivering results on time and within budget. We believe in fostering open communication between architects, building owners, contractors, manufacturers, and fabricators. All systems at CEI Materials are tested to ASTM and AAMA standards and are NFPA 285 compliant. With in-house engineering and thorough quality assurance processes, you can rest assured your new cladding system is up to code.

Make CEI Materials the basis of your next project. To see more of our inventive facade solutions, browse our portfolio. To discuss partnering with us on new and retrofit construction projects, request a quote today.

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