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The Importance Of Uniformity And Consistency To Corporate Identity Programs

When a company looks to create a Corporate Identity Program (CID), whether that be in hospitality, retail, food service, automotive, or medical markets, they seek the creation of a design that will bolster their brand’s equity. A CID Program becomes a visual representation of a brand and when that design is erected, a brand seeks to duplicate the design on a national, and often international, basis.

An essential aspect of any corporate design is uniformity. The various stakeholders involved throughout the design process look to create that uniformity through color, building codes, material selection, etc. Therefore, architects and designers must be assured that the materials specified showcase the intended performance and consistency requirements for a multi-location program.

In addition to uniformity, consistency is paramount in construction, specifically fabrication. Corporate entities and their franchisees go to great lengths to monitor and control the construction of individual outlets, both from a branding and financial perspective.

While numerous fabricators can successfully adhere to the corporate guidelines set in place on an individual or local basis, few have the capability, capacity, or proven track record to offer multi-state and regional outlet completion.

To date, CEI Materials has completed hundreds of projects representing major brands around the globe. We possess the ability to produce Modular Entry Elements in large volumes for Regional or National rollouts. In addition to automotive CID, we have completed projects with a variety of market segments including; hospitality, medical, and retail outlets.

Additionally, with CEI Materials, architects and designers can be reassured that their design vision will be accurately completed with the utmost certainty.

CEI Materials offers:

-Technology that guarantees accurate construction and installation

-Quicker and easier installation

-National and multi-state approvals

-National Representation via rep network

-Proven track record

-Prefabrication, preassembly and modularization of components

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