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CEI Materials’ CLADLOK Develops Key Strategic Alliances With Well-Known Brands

Architecture is a multi-faceted discipline that is full of inherent visual stimuli. Architecture communicates through its design and vision its purpose and demands attention. One of the key demands is its outward appearance, and through a series of exterior stimuli, it achieves an intended design message. Stakeholders in the design process look for the latest innovation, which is no different regarding architecture and its outward appearance demands.

CEI Materials, CLADLOK, Modular Panel System, Alucobond Axcent Finishes

"Since our company's inception, we have striven to create innovative products and services. Our creativity comes from our desire to continuously improve and meet new and emerging market trends," explains Jeff Henry, CEO of CEI Materials.

CEI Materials, CLADLOK, Modular Panel System, Pure Freeform Finishes

Innovation was key to producing the new CLADLOK inventive modular panel system product line. Henry further states, "We were not the first to identify MPS as a viable cladding option, but we were the first to look at new ways to innovate and elaborate it to increase the system's viability for architects and designers. We decided not to rush to market but to evaluate what a cladding system needs and what it needs to offer to give the architect and designer ultimate design flexibility."

Exterior finishes were the key to expanding the modular panel system segment. MPS finishes have been limited to natural metals or post-painted finishes. Although post-painting has clear advantages for perforated panels, it can also add to longer lead times. CLADLOK MPS sought to change the product market dynamic by producing an expansive color palette with a new line of pre-coated finishes.

CEI Materials, CLADLOK, Modular Panel System, Alucobond Axcent Finishes

"Why reinvent the wheel when it is far more beneficial to create strategic partnerships with companies that already have a proven track record with products that possess superior finish technologies," Henry describes.

Corpus Fire Station in Corpus Christi, Texas, BRW Architects, Renderings, Weaver & Jacobs Constructors, Rain King, CEI Materials, CLADLOK MPS

Stay tuned as we announce strategic alliances with well-known exterior cladding brands. CEI Materials will offer pre-painted metal, wood, and natural metal finishes through these alliances.  Henry concludes, "Building and developing key strategic alliances with proven industry leaders like Alucobond, Pure + Freeform, and well-known zinc and copper manufacturers means that we can now dramatically expand the design flexibilities of our CLADLOK Modular Panel Systems. This is just the beginning, with more strategic product alliances planned in 2024."

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