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CEI Materials Customer Profile: Advanced Exteriors & Glazing of New England
AEG-NE is a highly successful envelope solutions supplier and installer headquartered out of Southern New Hampshire. Primarily working in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, the company prides itself on being a New England-based company. In a recent interview with Dave Anzalone, President of AEG-NE, he described the company’s relationship with various stakeholders and the importance of trusted partnerships.
The Modern Fabricator’s Role In Architectural Branding and Nationally Recognized Corporate Identity Programs
Often architecture is solely seen as monumental one-off buildings. Yet, a key area within the architectural space includes architectural branding, known as corporate identity (CID). While initially, keys of branding for architectural structures included mostly signage, today, corporate design is all-encompassing.
Special Projects Team Helps Address Architecture’s Ever-Evolving Design Complexities
Architecture is a fluid environment where design constantly changes, whether using new materials or the visual discipline itself. Architects, by nature, are continually challenging their design visions, and ultimately projects are becoming increasingly complex. A modern fabricator should be able to anticipate and react to these design trends and assist the architect in pursuing their vision.
CEI Materials Customer Profile: Baker Triangle of Dallas, Texas
We recently interviewed Sam Balunda, Director of Preconstruction at Baker Triangle in Dallas, Texas. Baker Triangle is a family-owned hybrid installation company that has exponentially grown since its creation in 1974. The company, with seven offices across Texas, has 1600 employees and works on projects across nearly half of the US.
How Modern Fabricators Contribute to The Design Process
Fabrication within the design process should not be viewed as one-dimensional, or that fabricators are simply the executors of a predetermined design. Fabricators should instead be viewed as key contributors within the design process to assist the architect with their design intent. The design process should be a complimentary exercise between the architect and the fabricator. Fabricators must understand design and have the relevant internal resources to deliver the best design solution

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