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The Evolution of Automotive Dealership Design
The automotive industry has witnessed a remarkable evolution not only in the vehicles themselves but also in the spaces where they are showcased and sold: the dealership. Over the years, automotive dealership design has transformed from mere functional spaces to carefully crafted environments that reflect the brand's image and personality. Design choices play a crucial role in projecting brand identity and influencing the overall vehicle selling experience.
The Evolution of Student Housing in the US: A Key Architectural Design Market Segment
Student housing in the United States has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, evolving from simple dormitories to sophisticated, amenity-rich spaces that reflect the changing needs and preferences of today's college students. This shift has not only impacted the way students experience campus life but has also turned student housing into a key market segment for architectural design.
Essential Infrastructure: The Backbone of National Fabrication
With a plethora of completed and ongoing projects all over the US, CEI Materials has emerged in the industry as a national fabricator. In order to achieve its nation-wide status, CEI Materials has not only built its internal infrastructure from a production and technological perspective, but also in how it has formulated and built an effective sales force.
CEI Materials Customer Profile: Advanced Exteriors & Glazing of New England
AEG-NE is a highly successful envelope solutions supplier and installer headquartered out of Southern New Hampshire. Primarily working in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, the company prides itself on being a New England-based company. In a recent interview with Dave Anzalone, President of AEG-NE, he described the company’s relationship with various stakeholders and the importance of trusted partnerships.
The Modern Fabricator’s Role In Architectural Branding and Nationally Recognized Corporate Identity Programs
Often architecture is solely seen as monumental one-off buildings. Yet, a key area within the architectural space includes architectural branding, known as corporate identity (CID). While initially, keys of branding for architectural structures included mostly signage, today, corporate design is all-encompassing.

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