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CEI Materials’ CLADLOK Develops Key Strategic Alliances With Well-Known Brands
Architecture is a multi-faceted discipline that is full of inherent visual stimuli. Architecture communicates through its design and vision its purpose and demands attention. One of the key demands is its outward appearance, and through a series of exterior stimuli, it achieves an intended design message. Stakeholders in the design process look for the latest innovation, which is no different regarding architecture and its outward appearance demands.
CEI Materials Grows to Meet the Needs of the Ever-Evolving Architectural Market
The architectural market has gone through many changes over the last 20 years with the influence of technology and the design process itself. Architects are no longer locally, regionally, or domestically focused but rather globally. As a result, designs have become more complex and require stakeholders to become more tech-savvy and adept in internal processes.
CEI Materials Announces The Launch Of A New Website
CEI Materials, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Months in the making, the new website has a user-friendly integration with advancements that allow for maximum time on site. In addition, with unique callouts, the website provides space for visitors to request bids, browse services, find surfaces and systems, and find their closest CEI Materials representative.
New Webinar: The Significance of the Fabricator in the Design Process: Architectural Panel Surfaces & Systems
Educate the Design Team as to the key role and significance played by the Fabricator on a project. This new understanding will enable the Team to consult and involve the Fabricator early in the design process. This early involvement will enable the Design Team to navigate code requirements, meet sustainability objectives, and design more efficiently. For the purposes of this course, we will discuss the fabrication of various design applications, common attachments systems, and features and benefits of a variety of cladding materials.
CEI Materials Adds New Expansive HPL And In House INOVEZE Product Lines
With the trending evolution from monolithic building design to a more varied and geometric look, architects began seeking more versatile façade solutions. In response to the growing need for such materials, HPL was created.

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