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LEED Project Verde Pointe

Project Name: Verde Pointe
Location: Arlington, VA
Architect: Antunovich Associates
General Contractor: Clark Construction
Installer: Supreme Metal Solutions
CEI Materials System: R4000
Products: MCM
Photography: CEI Materials

Residential Mixed-Use Structure Stands Out In Arlington Neighborhood With Modern Metal Exterior Design

Verde Pointe, the over two-acre mixed-use residential space in Arlington, Virginia, was the collaborative efforts of the architects at Antunovich Associates and developers at McCaffery Interests. The development has two distinctive “portions” as the architects explain, “On the West side sits 42 residential units, a 14,000 square-foot supermarket and a 242 space parking garage. The East side houses a 12-story contemporary tower that includes 162 apartments ranging from studios to two-bedroom units.”

Interestingly, the project was completed in two phases, both of which included the demolition of existing properties to accommodate the magnitude of the development. General Contractors, Clark Construction, explain, “We constructed two mixed-rise residential buildings on the Verde Pointe site. The first phase of the project included the demotion of the Bergmann’s Cleaning building to make way for Building A…Building B was occupied by six single-family homes and was replaced with the 12-story apartment building.”

As with most great residential developments in urban environments, community and common spaces play a vital role in the building’s design. The building stands out in its modernity, while most of the buildings immediately surrounding the project utilize more traditional materials such as brick. Verde Point features concrete and modern metals throughout its exterior design. The tower uses metal components in two finishes of fire-rated metal composite material. The Pure White and Platinum MCM are featured on approximately 33,000 square feet of the façade.

Project Manager and CEO of CEI Materials, Jeff Henry describes, “This project was one of the first we completed with Clark Construction, who toured our facility in Michigan and felt confident in our ability to handle the project. It would result in a long-standing relationship with Clark, having completed numerous projects together to date.”

CEI Materials fabricated the 33,000 square feet of composite metal utilizing the customized R4000 Rear-Ventilated Rainscreen system. The system, like the fire-rated metal components used, is NFPA 285 Compliant.

Henry further describes, “With any project of this size it’s inevitable that some challenges will exist throughout the life cycle of the construction process. For Verde Point, site access was a challenge as the roof featured a number of AC units that made it difficult, not impossible, but difficult to locate, set up and maneuver swing stage equipment.”

The building’s penthouse overlooks Washington DC and features a series of amenities ensuring a first-class residential experience. Verde Point received its coveted LEED Gold certification status in 2016 and was a Finalist in the Best Apartment Building in Arlington Magazine. 

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