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What Are The Benefits of Using Phenolic Panels?

Blog originally published on November 10, 2017. Updated on October 26, 2022.

Phenolic panels are an architectural product that has been growing in popularity with contractors and end clients due to their versatile usage. Manufactured under high pressure and high heat, they are made of layers of thermosetting resins and cellulose fibers that come together to create a unique composite building material with distinct properties and advantages. They are useful as both interior wall panels and exterior building facades.

Phenolic panels offer multiple benefits when used in proper applications. Below are the top three benefits of using these architectural wall panels for your next construction project.


Although phenolic panels aren't as flame-resistant as concrete or steel, they are still highly durable and they offer far more fire protection than traditional wood and drywall-constructed interior walls, or exterior vinyl applications.


Phenolic panels offer acoustic stability appropriate for interior divisions in a building with structural aspects built from steel, concrete, and glass. They work well for dividing spaces into locker rooms or office environments, along with many other applications in a commercial building.

In fact, phenolic panels can be made for any shape a building requires. Whether straight or angled walls or radius curved walls, the panels fit a variety of exterior applications and can be manufactured to meet the needs of a particular building design according to the architect's original intent.

Because of the manufacturing process, in addition to the general shape of the panel, they can also be fitted with grooves, flutes, or other decorative highlights traditionally achieved by custom carvings and moldings. This design flexibility is one of main reasons architects choose phenolic resin panels.


A further benefit of phenolic resin panels is how they are manufactured in a factory setting as part of a modular building system, making them an environmentally responsible building material. There is less waste and less chance of accidental ground contamination compared to traditional building methods.

Phenolic panels continue to grow in usage as the technology of making them improves. Simply put, they offer many advantages over traditional building materials and methods that they simply can't be ignored as an option for new architectural designs. They are part of the new building paradigm and are certain to be in use for years to come.

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