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Largest Aluminum Composite Fabricator in California

Metal Composite Material (MCM) & Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels, Cladding, and Components

Composite Panel Fabricator California

CEI Materials is a full-service provider of architectural metal cladding systems and components for a wide range of clients in California and across the country. Established in 2008, CEI is one of the few fabricators with project management capabilities. With over 500 projects managed to date, we are the fabricator behind the storefronts of many corporate brands. The flexibility of our metal composite materials allow CEI to exceed the architect's design intent and exterior cladding requirements while providing a high-quality, smooth, rigid and attractive finish.

We're committed to being the foremost provider of architectural facades by approaching every opportunity with enthusiasm and integrity. From concept to completion, new construction or retrofit, clients can rely on CEI to deliver the highest standard of quality. CEI will work with you every step of the way, providing full service throughout the entire process. We work with architects, general contractors and installers on all aspects of the project including design assist, project management, and fabrication. We deliver superior results for each and every one of our projects.

CEI Materials has completed 500+ projects for clients from a wide range of industries:

  • Automotive

  • Commercial

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Municipalities

  • Office

  • Residential

  • Sports Complexes

California's Leader in Metal & Aluminum Composite Panel Systems -- Design, Fabrication

Used around the world i a wide range of architectural and specialty applications, Metal Composite Material (MCM) is a durable, versatile and affordable architectural facade. It is corrosion-resistant, lightweight and rigid, exceptionally flat, daringly formable and distinctively colorful. MCM Panel Systems provide numerous advantages, such as strength, durability, competitive price, and ease of maintenance.

By utilizing CEI's Rainscreen Systems, Route and Return Silicone Joint System, or Weather-Tight Dry Gasket System, clients are able to broaden architectural horizons through appearance, weatherability, fire resistance, sustainability and design flexibility.

Aluminum Composite Fabricator California - CEI Materials - Southwick_Regional_School
Aluminum Composite Fabricator California - CEI Materials - West_Chester_Audi

Aluminum continues to be the predominant finish while natural materials such as zinc, copper, stainless steel and titanium have been introduced to the industry. Limitless colors and finishes are able to be applied to aluminum and steel composite panels while the alternative metals mentioned are often used for the beauty of their natural finishes.

CEI has four systems for the design and installation of MCM, the R3000, R4000, W5000 and D6000 series, each system with its own unique characteristics.

R3000 Series:

Aluminum Composite Fabricator California - CEI Materials - r3000Pressure Equalized Rainscreen System

Details & Specifications

R4000 Series:

Aluminum Composite Fabricator California - CEI Materials - r4000Drained Rear-Ventilated Rainscreen System

Details & Specifications

W5000 Series:

Aluminum Composite Fabricator California - CEI Materials - w5000Route and Return Silicone Joint System

Details & Specifications

D6000 Series:

Aluminum Composite Fabricator California - CEI Materials - d6000Weather-Tight Dry Gasket System

Details & Specifications

From concept to completion, we know what it takes to make your project a success.

Project Management: Our experienced Project Managers (PM) bridge the gap between CEI (Design, Production) and the client to reduce risk (schedule, scope, budget and quality) and maximize benefit. CEI's Project Managers are competent; using knowledge of our systems, skills and techniques to execute our projects effectively and efficiently to meet the pre-defined objectives. Qualified to handle the most complex construction challenges, our project team is well equipped and time-tested, to help us to anticipate potential problems and provide solutions before fabrication begins.

Aluminum Composite Fabricator California - CEI Materials - product-data

Design: CEI's team of skilled Design Engineers are innovative and efficient. Our design approach is cost efficient and practical. CEI's experience allows for the prompt execution and submission of shop and production drawings. CEI provides Architects with design assistance for the development of the building envelopes.

Fabrication: With fabrication capabilities at our facility in Manchester, Michigan we are capable of producing a million square feet of MCM per year. CEI utilizes the latest CNC technology to provide the architectural designs and tolerances that our clients require. Our equipment, coupled with our experience, permits CEI to deliver precision and speed to every step of fabrication, while specializing in architectural wall panel systems.

Other offerings include full sheet metal services for trims & flashings, column covers, custom sunshades, louvers, equipment screens and many other complimentary components. Every CEI product meets or exceeds construction and performance benchmarks so that any project will be of unquestioned quality. This is evidenced by the receipt of fabrication certification through our manufacturing partners Alcoa Reynobond and Mitsubishi Alpolic.

In partnership with our sister company Supreme Metal Solutions (SMS) we provide our clients with a single source, turn-key solution. SMS employs experienced professionals capable of handling any cladding challenge. Our crews are well trained and operate at the highest level of quality and craftsmanship on every project.

View some of CEI Materials' recent projects:

CEI Materials is a nationwide leader and full-service provider of metal and aluminum panel systems and components. Contact us today to request a bid or find out more information about our capabilities.